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Welcome to First Grade Room 102!

Learning is an ongoing process for all involved. When you ask your child what they did at school today they will most likely tell you, "I don't know".  Do not be fooled, they do know but the question is so broad the information is muddled up. Try instead:  what did you practice in math, what stories did you read today, did you sing any learning songs or songs for fun, tell me about what you wrote or drew in your journal?  These specific types of questions will typically get you more information.  There will always be those days when their brains are so overworked they will be exhausted and unable to tell you anything!

My job as a  teacher is to develop: a love of learning at school, a motivated,  active and engaged children, children who are able to work in a variety of learning settings ( individually, with a partner, small group or large group), and children who demonstrate one year of growth in all academic areas but especially in reading and math.

Our daily schedule includes lessons in:  reading, writing, language, math, science, social studies, and more.  They will learn to read, write, and count through hard work, reading and math centers, learning songs,  storytelling, writing, games and more.  All students will attend a specialist class each day.

I will teach academic learning as well as social learning.  Young children must learn how to get along with others, share, take turns, give and accept help, and follow all directions.  These are basic school skills which they will need throughout their lives.  It is easiest learned while young.

I welcome parents to visit our classroom.  Remember to sign in in the office. You may spend as little or as much time as you wish.

Email me at Kathleen.Watson@mpls.k12.mn.us  with questions, concerns, changes you want me to be aware of or if something happening at home may affect your child's behavior at school. 

Ms. Kathleen Watson


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