No Homework Policy
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Current research shows that homework in elementary school has little effect on students overall achievement. I would rather each student has time to particpate in sports teams, socialize with their friends and spend time with their family members each night.


A well rested and happy kid makes academic gains during the school day!


What you can do:

To help your students success in school you can...

  • READ!! Research also tells us that children that are avid readers will recieve higher grades in all subject areas. Reading in and outside of the school day throughout a students career is linked to getting a managerial or professional job later in life! (University of Oxford, 2011)
  • Practice math facts! In third grade students should have their 10s facts (adding and subtracting single digits to 10) memorized. They should be able to solve double digit addition and subtraction facts mentally (using their knowledge of the 10s facts)! I will send home multiplication flash cards later in the year. In the mean time, the dollar store has addition and subtraction flash cards that they can practice with!
  • Check out the links and downloads sidebar for more reading tips, links to online academic games and downloadable flash cards!


If your student is strugglng to complete in class assignments on a regular basis I may reach out to you about sending this work home. If we are working on a big project, I may send home a specific assignment.