Math Resources

In this section you will find math resources to use at home with your child. Some of the resources will be printables that you will have to create yourself. if you would like something printed and you can't do it at home, please feel free to write me an email and I can send a copy home with your child. Other resources are online games that your student can play. Your child should be familiar with all of the activities on this site.

Subitizing Online Games

Subitizing is the ability to see a small group of objects wihtout having to count all of the objects at once. This is a very important skill for first graders to develop. Not only will it help students to solve problems faster, but it will also help them to develop a deeper understanding of number relationships. 

Subitizing Resources to Print at Home

The following attachments are resources you can create to use at home with your student. 

Websites Organized by Skill

The following websites contain lots of great math online games . The games are organized by age and skill. If you would like to know what skills your child should be working on please feel free to call or email to ask. 

5 Frame Worm and 10 Frame Snake

5 Frame worm and 10 Frame worm Game Instructions


Domino Parking Lot

Domino Parking Lot Game

Find 10

Find 10 Game Directions