Subitizing Online Games

The links below are online games that you can play with your child. Have fun learning math at home!

This game is titled "How Many Fish?" . Students will be asked to look at the fish fast and click on the number that represents how many fish they see.

10 Frame flash : Ask your student the following questions

  • How many do you see?
  • What did you see?
  • How did you see the number _____?
  • What groups did you see?
  • What is  the largest group you saw?
  • What is the smallest group you saw?
  • What would your number sentence be?

Numbers on a rekenrek. Rekenrek is a bead rack that helps students to practice creating numbers. We use rekenreks at school during our number talks.

Numbers to 20 on the 10 frame. Use the questions listed above. If your student seems comfortable with the teen numbers you can ask them the questions below.

  • What is one more/two more than the number that was flashed?
  • What is one less.two less than the number that was flashed?
  • How far away is the number I flashed from twenty?
  • Double the number i flashed. How many do you get?

Numbers to 20 on the rekenrek.

10 frame addition and subtraction

Butterfly 10 frames with guiding questions.

Domino Addition