Uniform Policy

Thanks to the generosity of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Assistance League, Jenny Lind students receive, as a supplement to their wardrobe, three pairs of pants, three short sleeve shirts, and one sweatshirt per year.

Khaki/tan bottoms and navy/dark blue tops. During warm weather months, the building is air conditioned and can become quite cool.  We suggest your child keep a dark blue sweater/sweatshirt (no hoods, graphics or logos) with him/her at school. 

  1. Shoes: Students are active during recess and physical education.  Tennis shoes are the best choice to wear to school.  Flip flops and other loose fitting sandals are not allowed.  They inhibit your child’s ability to participate and are not allowed in the gym.  On gym days, your child should be wearing white-soled tennis shoes.  No heelies/wheelies.

  2. Hats and head wear are allowed for medical and religious reasons only.

Jenny Lind students are expected to wear the school uniform every day.  The only exception to this policy is on school picture day.  It is our expectation that all uniforms worn to school will be clean and neat.

School uniforms serve many purposes.  The following statements guide our rationale for a universal dress code for students.

Uniforms unite us as a community. When you look at a group of students in a Jenny Lind uniform, it is a powerful visual statement of our community. Students make a commitment that when they put on the school’s uniform, they are agreeing to live up to the school’s high expectations.  Our teachers and staff are committed to ensuring that we provide a safe learning community where all students are prepared to live and work in the twenty-first century.  Problem solving, verbal communication, collaboration, and social awareness are the necessary tools needed to survive in the twenty-first century.

Uniforms reduce distractions and clothing competition. Parents/Guardians no longer worry about planning outfits. From our experience, we know that students spend more time discussing and evaluating what others are wearing or not wearing than they spend focusing on learning. Wearing uniforms eliminates this distraction.

Uniforms look professional. Students look neat when they arrive at school with shirts/blouses tucked in and uniform items clean. The students come mentally prepared for school and “dressed for work”.

Uniforms provide security. School uniforms provide us the ability to identify all of our students inside or outside the building.

Students may not change out of their uniform at any point during the school day or on any school field trips. There will be times when they must be in their concert attire (black bottoms/white tops).  Parents/guardians will be notified when this occurs.  All students are expected to wear concert attire when it is required.

Procedure and Consequence for students who come to school without wearing the school uniform:

If a student arrives at school out of uniform, he/she will need to change into a loaner school uniform for the day.  Repeated incidents will result in a parent conference/problem solving meeting with administration.

Please clearly mark your child’s name on mittens, boots, caps, lunch boxes, book bags, etc.  A lost and found area is located in the Main Office.  Urge your child to look for his/her lost belongings.  We invite you to check this area as well.

Concert Attire is white tops and black slacks or skirts.