Strings students
Lind Strings students

Welcome to Family Involvement!

It takes a community to educate a child and you are your child's first and foremost teacher. 

Getting your children up and off to school regularly is
Family Involvement.

Having a conversation and helping with homework is
Family Involvement.

Reading together every day is
Family Involvement.

Keeping in touch with school staff is
Family Involvement.

To reach a classroom teacher contact the front office, 612-668-2020, and ask to be transferred to the appropriate voice mailbox.  Staff check their voice mailboxes two times a day and they will return your call.  If there is an emergency, contact the front office.

What if you are not sure who to contact, where do you go?  That is where we come in.  As Family Liaisons, our job is to help familes and school work together, thereby helping our students reach their full potential.  Students are in school six or more hours a day.  Knowing what is happening at school is Family Involvement.  To help families stay informed, Jenny Lind publishes the Jenny Lind Family Times newsletter every month.  

No amount of involvement is too small and if you are interested in more hands on involvement check out the "Volunteer" page for suggestions.  There is always room for another pair of hands at Jenny Lind.