All About Grade 3!
Reading in Grade 3!

Fourth graders...

  • ... are enthusiastic and enjoy socializing. In this class we mostly work in pairs, small groups. Partners and groups are flexible to meet students needs in each unit we study and to strenthen our classroom community. 


  • ... like things to be fair. In this class we use a variety of social emotional strategies (like The Zones of Regulation and Responsive Classroom) to help us build our social and emotional skills. We learn how to identify when our emotions take over our thoughts and practice a variety of calming strategies like taking a break, using our breath and even chair push ups! We have a designated
    Students working in groups.
    area in the room for students to "take a break" when they are angry or antsy. We use this space regularly - it is not a punishment but truly a place for students to relax, regroup and then return to the lesson ready to learn! We have class jobs to hold everyone accountable for keeping our space safe and clean. Third graders love to express their opinions so we take regular votes as a whole group to help us make little and big decisions that we come across throughout the year.


  • ... have longer attention spans and like to push themselves to the limits. In this class I differentiate assignments so students are able to make choices about how or what they do to complete individual assignments. When students "buy in" they work harder! While we work hard to build our stamina we also take many brain/dance/movement breaks to keep things fun!