Jenny Lind School expects that students follow the expectations of:


S – Safe

T –Task Master

A – Achiever

R – Respectful and Responsible




Respect Yourself - Respect Others - Respect Property


Students will learn what being a STAR student looks like in the hallway, at the bathroom, in various locations in the school, the lunchroom and in the classroom. Also, students will learn what being a STAR student looks like with adults and peers. Please encourage your child throughout the school year to seek adult assistance when having difficulty. In room 230, students are given charts. Students can receive stamps for good behavior, acts of kindness (modeling good citizenship), turning in homework, completing in class work, or other classroom activities. Responsive Classroom Morning Meetings are held in general education classrooms everyday. Responsive Classroom community building activities are also utilized in the CLASS classroom to build community and engage students. Once their chart is full (25 spaces), they can choose prizes from a prize box. This is a very motivating activity for most students. Some students use this chart and other charts based on individual needs.

document 2015-2016 Grade 5 Classroom Engagement Plan   --  Classroom Engagement Plan