What does reading look like at Jenny Lind?

In 246, we have a large classroom library for your child to select and read books from. Your child will have the opportunity to access the school library as well. We will be working towards exposing all students to both fiction and non-fiction books. We would love students to be reading outside of school 5x/week for 30 minutes each time!

Students receive 120 minutes of reading instruction per day. Science and social studies reading activities will occur during this block.

1. Shared Reading – Shared reading is large group instruction typically using big books. The story is read to the class or part of the story is read and specific strategies may be taught to the entire group.

2. Guided Reading – Guided reading is small group instruction using leveled text based on your child’s instructional level. Students learn strategies to decode words and increase their comprehension of the text.

3. Independent Reading – During independent reading your child would independently read books at his/her instructional level.

4. Guided Writing – Small group instruction in writing. Direct modeling by the teacher with the goal for the student to be an independent writer.

5. Shared Writing – Writing text together as a group. 

6. Independent Writing – Independent writing is where a student is writing independently without direct instruction.


What is my child’s reading level?

A test called the F & P (Fountas and Pinnell) is given to all students in the fall and spring, and maybe given at other times depending on student instructional needs. The F & P level assists the teacher and school staff to determine the reading level that your child is at and is used to measure progress over the school year.


What does it mean to be a fluent reader?

A fluent reader is a child who has strategies in place to help with unknown words. They are flexible with the different strategies, using the most efficient one. A fluent reader is also a student who understands the text that was read.


How can I help my child?

You can your child by encouraging him/her to read at least 30 minutes every day. The way to be good at anything is by practicing and reading is no exception. This can be a special time for each of you.